Experience more with a Monthly Pass

Get the freedom of unlimited travel with the new MyCiTi Monthly Pass – travel as much as you want, whenever you want, for work and leisure, for just R710.

MyCiTi’s annual fare increase takes effect on 1 July 2016, with increases across the various distance bands (see table). But, compared to the rising costs of petrol and maintaining a private car, using public transport makes a great deal of sense.

MyCiTi’s growing network of routes and easy connections with other modes of transport, like rail and other bus and taxi services, means that you can access just about anywhere in the city from your closest MyCiTi stop or station. So save yourself the hassle and expense of using your car and catch MyCiTi instead. With the roll-out of MyCiTi’s free WiFi pilot project, you will soon be able to pass time on the bus checking your social media or reading your emails.

On 1 July 2016, the current monthly package offering two journeys per day will be discontinued. The great news is that on the same day a new Monthly Pass will be introduced offering unlimited travel at any time, to anywhere on the system.

If your daily commute is more than 20kms each way, consider loading a R710 Monthly Pass onto your myconnect card. You’ll enjoy a month-long ticket-to-ride, travelling as much as you like, and as far as you wish to go. It means not only getting to work, school or college and back, but also shopping, visiting family and friends, or exploring the many leisurely destinations along MyCiTi routes.

With the Monthly Pass, you simply top up once a month and tap in and out, without ever risking a penalty. You choose the date your package starts and you’ll only need to load again to travel from the same day the following month.

There’s only one restriction. It doesn’t include travel to or from the Airport. If you are a frequent flyer, or work at the Airport, load a Monthly Airport Pass for R930.

Fares 2016/17

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24 September 2018