MyCiTi ambassador makes travelling so much sweeter

Mpho Telile, a MyCiTi ambassador from Kuils River, has been recognised by the City of Cape Town for embodying service excellence and going the extra mile for commuters on a daily basis.

Mpho Telile is a MyCiTi ambassador and has been working at the Cape Town Civic Centre station for the past six years. On 27 March 2019, Telile was recognised for delivering excellent services at this busy station and for making a positive and lasting impression on commuters on a daily basis.

‘Commuters often express their appreciation for Telile and the City wanted to demonstrate its appreciation for the inspiring, positive and dedicated person that he is. A true ambassador that goes the extra mile for commuters and embodies resilience despite challenging circumstances. This is one of the MyCiTi’s busiest routes and Telile manages his platform with great pride and in a very effective manner to ensure a well-run and fair system,’ said the City’s Mayoral committee Member for Transport, Alderman Felicity Purchase.

The core role of a MyCiTi ambassador includes providing information to commuters at the station; to clear and load busses at their designated platform; to manage the queuing systems and to ensure that commuters board and arrive safely from their busses.

However, this job description is only one aspect of what Telile offers commuters who have the privilege to encounter him at the Cape Town Civic Centre station. According to passengers his work ethic and dependability is truly inspiring. Some have said that he is an absolute gem at the station as he makes it his business to cheer up the commuters in the afternoons and deliver them on their way home with a smile.

His firmness with queue-jumpers and care for the elderly, injured and pregnant commuters does not go unnoticed. With communication skills being his greatest strength, he always tries to find a way to get commuters to take a bus that could get them home sooner. He makes sure each person knows which bus has arrived or is up next; how far away from the station the bus is; why there might be delays; how full the bus might be when it gets to the station and which stops it will make on the route.

‘He is truly an example of someone who demonstrates passion for excellent customer service despite the circumstance. It is clear that he has a true heart for the people he encounters,’ said Alderman Purchase.

And while commuters wait, they are entertained by his unique and hilarious comments as he makes light of the fact that each person waiting is in the same boat and just wants to get to their destination. He finds a way to encourage people to be patient, tolerant and a little less serious, which makes all the difference every day.

Cape Town
17 October 2019