An introduction to MyCiTi art

Talking to curator Roger van Wyk

What makes an everyday commute or your first bus ride in Cape Town a memorable experience? Perhaps it’s a glimpse of an image, a shape, a colour as a MyCiTi bus stops alongside the glass of a station. Or 20 minutes spent pausing in your journey to get to know a sculpture that tells a story of time and place far removed from the bustle of daily life.

This is the experience of MyCiTi stations, many with their own unique commissioned art works. It’s one that puts Cape Town’s MyCiTi system in the company of progressive cities all over the world – Paris, New York and London, and also Santiago, Dubai, Prague, Perth and Seattle.

Art gives MyCiTi stations a cultural as well as a functional value, celebrating the unique history of each area, the indigenous environment and local aesthetics. As part of the design process, established and emerging artists from every genre – world-class street artists to celebrated sculptors and ceramicists – were invited to submit ideas. This commitment to public art – as much as the innovative fare system or attention to universal access – is what has made this transport system special.

The Art of MyCiTi

Download an e-book showcasing the talent of the emerging and established artists who have contributed to the 50 artworks that make the MyCiTi system so special.

Cape Town
17 October 2019