MyCiTi has 42 stations and 760 stops in many areas of Cape Town. You don’t have to live in these areas to use MyCiTi. You can catch the train, another bus or minibus taxi and then change over to MyCiTi for the rest of your journey.

3 reasons to use MyCiTi:

1. MyCiTi is reliable, buses operate to a timetable and over 90% arrive on time.

2. It’s also affordable, with fares that compare to other public transport services.

3. MyCiTi is easy to use once you know how.

Step 1 - Getting your card

Everyone who wants to use MyCiTi needs to get a myconnect card. Children aged four and under travel free. A myconnect card costs R35 from a MyCiTi station or selected shops.

  • View a list of places where you can buy your myconnect card and load value.
  • You can buy a disposable single-trip card for R30, or R100 for journeys including the Airport. Each card is valid for one journey anywhere on the system, including any transfers.

Step 2 - Choosing your PIN

When you get your card, you will be asked to choose a PIN. This is because it’s also a bank card. Choose a PIN you can remember–you will need it every time you load money on your card.

Keep your card safe because if you lose it you will lose all the money that’s loaded on the card.

Step 3 - Topping up your card

Your next important decision is to choose what to load on your new card. You can load money for Standard fares or you can load Mover points, which save on fares. Save even more by starting your journey outside the weekday peak (06:45-08:00 and 16:15-17:30).

You can also save by loading a discounted travel package onto your card.


Your myconnect card is like a wallet or purse–you can load two different products on your card at the same time.

Step 4 - Choosing where to go

Find where you want to go on the MyCiTi map here. Every route has a number. You may need to travel on two or more routes to reach your destination. Every station and stop has a name. Find the stops or stations where you plan to change from one MyCiTi route to another.

Use the Trip Planner to help you plan your journey. Type in the stop or station you start at and the stop or station where you want to go and the planner will work out the best route with the bus times. You can also view a PDF System map.

Step 5 - Tapping in, tapping out

When you go into a station you must hold your myconnect card against the validator. This is called a tap in. If you are at a bus stop, you also tap in the same way as when you go into a station. When you get off at a bus stop remember to tap out by holding your card against the validator. If you are getting off at a station, then do not tap out on the bus–tap out when you leave the station. If you forget to tap in or out or you don’t do it correctly, you will get a penalty which is charged to your myconnect card.

Change from one route to another, and only pay one fare. Tap out at a station or on a bus and tap in again within 45 minutes to continue your journey. To change buses inside a station, make your way from one bus to another without tapping.


  • 1 beep means that your transaction was successful.
  • A green light will shine around the validator screen.


  • When there is less than R20 on your card, a yellow light will shine around the validator screen.
  • You will hear 2 beeps after you tap your card.
  • This means that your transaction was successful, but that you will need to top up urgently.


  • A red light will shine around the validator screen if your transaction is unsuccessful.
  • You will also hear 5 beeps.
  • This means that you do not have enough funds on your myconnect card or there is another error.

Questions and Answers

While MyCiTi is easy to use when you have done it a few times, it’s okay to feel a bit confused at first. Luckily, there’s someone to help you at the Transport Information Centre (TIC) all day and night, even on weekends in your choice of English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. The friendly agents can help you with MyCiTi and other public transport service information to get you to where you need to be and safely back home again.

What happens if I forget my PIN?
You will have to get a new myconnect card or go to one of the following Absa banks to get a new PIN:

  • Heerengracht
  • Gardens
  • V&A Waterfront
  • Table View

How does the fare get charged?
When you tap in, the system knows that you have started your journey. When you tap out at your final stop then the system calculates how much your fare is and takes it off the card as money or Mover points. It also knows if you have a special package like a Monthly or a Day Pass. Even if you have a special package you still need to tap in and out.

What are penalties and how do I get them?
You will be charged a penalty:

  • If you don’t have enough money for your trip.
  • If you forget to tap in and tap out.
  • If you tap the wrong validator.

For the first two penalties you will be charged R15, and thereafter R30. The penalty for the Airport route is R117.

How do I check my balance and get a statement?
There are info terminals at some stations where you can check your balance and get a statement. You can also access these services at selected station kiosks or any Absa ATM. You must enter your PIN to access these services. If you forget your PIN, you can reset it at Absa branches at Heerengracht, Gardens, V&A Waterfront or Table View during banking hours. 

Where do I find help?
Call 0800 65 64 63 (free from a landline)
E-mail: transport.info@capetown.gov.za
Facebook: MyCiTi Bus
Twitter: @MyCiTiBus

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Cape Town
19 November 2019