Passenger Testimonials

"I encourage blind people to use the MyCiTi bus"

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 “I encourage blind people to use the MyCiTi bus. I use the train every day, and am used to using buses like this from my travels in other countries.”

- Vincent Daniels

"We use the bus every day"

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"My wife and I live in Crawford and we use the bus every day as we come into town for work. We have been using the MyCiTi Bus for almost a year now."

- Malcolm Wilkinson

"The MyCiTi Bus compares well"

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"I live in Switzerland and have used a number of public transport systems in other countries. After spending a month on holiday here in South Africa, I can say that the MyCiTi Bus compares very well with the systems in other countries."

- Jacci Etyaale

"Convenient and easy to use"

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"For someone like me that uses a wheelchair, the MyCiTi Bus is very convenient and easy to use. I cannot wait for the new feeder buses to start."

- Viwe Kwaaiman

"I love using the MyCiTi Bus"

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"I love using the MyCiTi Bus each day. I would like to see an express bus being introduced on the route that I travel."

- Ntombi Jonas

"Easy way to travel"

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"MyCiTi gives me an easy way to travel to work each day. I use it all the way from my home in Parklands to travel to the Civic Centre."

- Dale Gopaul

"Boost for business"

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"I like it, hopefully it will bring in more feet here."

- Paul Le Riche - Owner, Frangipani's Food and Deli

"Solves many problems"

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"I’m looking forward to using the bus. It’s well overdue. Coming into town is usually a hassle for me, I have to drive around searching for a parking spot and worry about whether my car is locked. The bus is going to solve all those problems."

- Pat Fahrenfort

"Easier for staff and customers"

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"I think it will make it easier for staff and customers to come in [the area]. It will be less stressful for people coming in from the city centre and a lot of foreigners."

- Retha Neethling - Manager, Jamaica Me Crazy

"Excited about the system"

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"I’m excited about the system. We are selling cards [myconnect] because we think it’s going to be a success."

- A.M Parker - Owner, S.E Supermarket
Cape Town
17 October 2019