Passenger Testimonials

"Tatjana's Challenge"

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Tatjana Meirelles set herself a challenge - to leave her car at home for a whole week. She lives in central Cape Town, where she works as a creative researcher for a TV company. On most days during the week of her challenge, she cycled to work. When it was windy, she used the MyCiTi bus. She also caught the bus to go shopping at the Waterfront and to watch the fireworks at Blouberg Beach on Guy Fawkes evening.

Delighted at how easy it all was, she wrote a letter to the MyCiTi team. “I would just like to say THANK YOU for all the time and effort that MyCiTi and the City of Cape Town have put into making this transport service a reality,” she wrote. “The buses were clean, comfortable and on time – and absolute pleasure to use. The staff were friendly and helpful and the information was easy and clear to read. I have put up images of my experience on my blog and I will be actively encouraging friends and family to use the service.”

- Tatjana Meirelles

"The lifeblood of Cape Town"

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“All the staff at my attorney’s practice use MyCiTi to get to work from the train station, and the Chamber of Commerce is encouraging the use of the service wherever possible.

“I use the airport shuttle often, as do many of my clients. It’s fantastic, allowing me to book flights that leave at any time I choose. It’s user-friendly, with lots of space for luggage, safe, efficient and certainly comfortable. It’s revolutionary to have a safe, secure and reasonably priced public transport service in the city. Parking alone is more expensive than a bus ticket!
“The upcoming MyCiTi services will be the lifeblood of Cape Town, creating a vastly different city. At last people will be able to go about their shopping and business without bothering with traffic and parking at all. MyCiTi will also be great for tourism. Public transport has been one of the selling points of London and New York. When I’m in New York I don’t ever bother with taxis or hiring a car.”

- Michael Bagraim - President of Cape Chamber of Commerce

"The way forward"

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“This service is the way forward - a realistic and sensible way of providing mass transport. I’d like to wish MyCiTi success. My stepson is coming from Germany soon and I’ve already bought him a myconnect card.”

- Ferdo Maree

"Very cheap and convenient"

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“I’m in love with MyCiTi. It is very cheap and makes life very convenient. I hop on just outside my flat.”

- Mercia Oersan

"Very pleased and excited"

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“People in Walmer Estate are very pleased and excited. Many people in our area do not own cars. For the first time, our pensioners can now get to Woodstock and Salt River without having to walk. And even people who do own cars can save on petrol and parking.”

- Zubeida Khan - Walmer Estate Civic Association
Cape Town
19 November 2019