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Adderley Street has been a public transport corridor since the earliest days of Cape Town's existence, when trams and horse-drawn carriages used this, the main thoroughfare in the central city. The Adderley station, following in this long tradition, has a very special place in the MyCiTi system. It is a hub for many bus routes as well as being next to the train station, and close to the "must-see" heritage and tourist sites of the central city.

It seems fitting that the artwork chosen for this location is a set of historical photographs from the archives, including images of the tram system in use in the street at the time. The images were enlarged, positives created and then silkscreened onto ceramic tiles. The tiles were fired in a kiln to make them permanent. This challenging process involved careful work with the old grainy images to get the colours true to the original sepia pictures.

The sitting of the Adderley station also involved complex negotiations as Heritage authorities had to agree to move the famous Cenotaph war memorial to a new position. The historic milk wood trees lining the street had to stay however, and the station structure had to have certain adaptations to make it fit the context. One of these was that the glass station walls were placed outside of the columns instead of inside, a change which enhances the reflections from buildings across the road and creates an interesting contrast with scenes depicted in the historic photographs.

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Cape Town
17 October 2019