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Address : -33.871312, 18.495709

Kiosk Closed

This station overlooks the fields of Milnerton High School, and many of the passengers using it are from the school. Artists Hannah Williams and Mark Henning called their work Future, involving the scholars and examining their thoughts and feelings about the future.

Based on responses to a survey presenting future scenarios, the artists used a “steam graph” format to produce a graphic image, “reminiscent of a ray gun or graffiti from a distance”.

This visual serves the information well, as it clearly shows areas of strong agreement. There were many events listed in the survey so there is enough detail for the work to be interesting even to commuters who see it many times over. Some of those future events assessed by the scholars include the probability of whales becoming extinct, discovering a cure for HIV/AIDS and a woman being elected as president of South Africa.

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About the Artist

Hannah Williams and Mark Henning, partners in design company Black Hat and Nimbus, completed artworks for six stations between the city centre and Table View. The designs are all infographics, with data relating to the surrounding areas.

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Cape Town
17 October 2019