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Close to the city centre, Woodstock has a unique social history, remaining a racially mixed area during the apartheid years. It’s this shift that the infographic at Woodstock station captures, reflecting the changing demographics of the suburb's population from 1865 to 2001.

Artists Hannah Williams and Mark Henning wanted to find a way of communicating that visually, and were inspired by American illustrator Chad Hagen’s design of isometric overlapping blocks. “We thought it would be an interesting challenge to create something using the concept, but with real data.”

The only demographic consistently recorded in the census data for Woodstock related to race. Using that distinction, the graphic shows who has lived in the suburb, who moved out, who moved in, and how the population has changed from the earliest days of European settlement until modern times. Up close, there is a great deal of detail, including the historical events that influenced these changes in population. From a distance, the design is striking and dynamic with an illusion of three-dimensional depth, and the colour has an effect similar to stained glass.

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About the Artist

Hannah Williams and Mark Henning, partners in design company Black Hat and Nimbus, completed artworks for six stations between the city centre and Table View. The designs are all infographics, with data relating to the surrounding areas.

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Cape Town
24 February 2020